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Carey Brown and his uncle Dennis Cross designed and manufactured
the first ever surfing steamers in Europe. Carey has been closely involved
with the industry ever since. With this extensive experience of the worlds
wetsuit industry Carey and the team behind him are shaping the way
forward in neoprene wetsuit design.

C-SKINS was proudly created with only surfers in mind. To create the
best surfing wetsuits on the planet.

C-SKINS has developed a strong European presence by having a
no-compromise attitude to quality, workmanship and value for money.
We hate it when our hard earned money gets spent on a wetsuit that
you know has cost more in marketing dollars than in materials!
Times change and C-SKINS lead the way in bringing you wetsuits that
have a core purpose.

The team behind C-SKINS are all passionate world travelled surfers so
they understand the requirements that we as surfers need.

We hope you enjoy our wetsuits!